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Company at a Glance




2004 - Shenzhen - China

Since Aikun Corporation has founded in 2004, our commitment and passion have not changed, today Aikun is a global leader of personal computer peripherals.

Aikun maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to develop,for it's within the discipline of development that yesterday's fiction becomes tomorrow's reality. 

We strive to identify things which, when made better,improve people's life style.

Aikun a standard factory in Bao’an, Shenzhen, with an area more than 12000 square meters. Meanwhile, from year 2006, we adopted lead –free production craft.


Aikun Offices

Delaware - Unitad State - Daventry - England / Hong Kong - China / Shenzhen - China




Aikun Exportintg Over 50 countries

Aikun is a global provider of Overseas Market, with products available in over 50 countries, Committed to powerful R&D, effective production and strict quality management, 

 since entering the international market in 2005.



Aikun Exporting Map

Aikun has become more and more invested in the international market. and a host of other advantages, representing a new level of achievementin aikun's development.




Startting your inviation with Aikun

Aikun is an entrepreneurial innovative company that started in 2004 making computer peripherals with a high focus on gaming products. 

On 2011, Aikun diversified into several high-end tablets and delivered to the world the first tablet built with conductive wireless charging and data sync.

On 2012, we realized that the future of gaming is heading mobile, which prompted us to start our mobile gaming research and development division

We plan to continue marching strongly in the mobile gaming world, experimenting, developing and bringing innovative ideas to the world of gaming





Aikun international Certification

 Aikun's products can meet the international Quality standard, Now we are one of the biggest and most professional Tablet PC and Android Digital Products manufacture in China.

 With perfect operating system from product design, mould produce, management,QC inspect to marketing and financial calculation.



Aikun “ Has Google MADA – Authorised Company by Google GMS & ISO9001.



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